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Friday, October 9

Tips On How To Become A Good Father

Being a father who provide the basic needs for your child you may feel that you have done all what it takes to be good father. John once said "I know I'm a good father. I give my children the best things of life - sound education, expensive clothing and latest communication gadgets." Many fathers wish they can also do likewise for their children. They say the best thing a father can give to his child is quality life. John gave his children all of he thought he could but all of that wasn't enough. "Despite all the luxuries I gave to my children, they weren't as happy as other kids whom parents didn't have material possessions" John said. "I wonder what I wasn't doing right. My son was so disrespectful and my daughter was always stress-out."

Becoming a good father in this generation is not easy. Anxieties of life often overtake us. A community is made up of different family units. And when the family is in crisis, there can never be good a community. Good parental upbringing is a vital step in making sure that we have a better community. Fathers are the head of every family and they have the bigger responsibility in training their children.

Let us examine some practical advice that can help a man become a good father.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Many fathers are so busy with work and other pursuits of life that they rarely spent time with their children. They believe that when they work hard and provide for their family materially it all that is enough. Truly a father who works hard to care for his family financial needs shows he love his family. But sometimes that love may never sink into the heart of his children. Kids love to play with fathers. They love to see their fathers around, ask so many questions and want their father to do so many things for them such as fix a toy. But when you are never there they may think that you care for your work or hobbies more than you do for them.

"I realized I wasn't spending time with my children," John admitted. "I sat down with my wife and we discussed the matter.  I saw so many reasons why my kids need my presence so much at their early stage of life. I had to make adjustments, sacrifices were made. It was not easy changing my schedule but it was all worth it. And I'm glad I made the right decision."

Be a Good Communicator

A good communicator is a always a good listener. For a father to communicate so well with his children, he ought to be a careful listener. So sad today many children don't confide in their parent anymore. Most fathers overreact to issues so quickly before hearing the complete details. When your kids begin to feel that you will always lose your temper so quick and be judgmental, they will never share their inner feelings with you. To avoid that, you should always listen calmly. It will show that you have a genuine interest in them. And they will be always be free at any point in time to talk to you.

Respect and Love Your Wife

The way a man treat his wife in front of his children will go a long way in affecting how they will act when they are older. If you respect your wife and love her so much your children will also emulate such fine qualities. Most children are more drawn to their mother. If their mother is maltreated by their father, the children will never see him as a good father no matter the amount of gifts he offer them.

When a father is not around, the mother takes two role, so in order for her to play both roles effectively, you should always love and respect her.

John was so loving to his wife and it reflected in his children attitude toward him. Micheal, his 9 year old son said "Sometimes I think my mum and my dad are brother and sister. My dad is so nice to her, so I too is also nice to my sister."

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