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Friday, October 9

The Need For Harmony In Today's Family

Harmony in families today should be of utmost importance. Harmony is the natural cohesion between the family. If God wanted us to live in disarray He would have created a home for humans in the jungle. But because we are human beings with higher brains therefore, the higher expectation, we are expected to show harmony not only with our immediate family but to extend such humour to our immediate society.

Harmony in family brings about a form of cohesion between parents and children, it brews love, affection and understanding between parents and children. It helps children speak up in time of distress or confusion. It's places a sense of belonging in every member of the family and it raises hope in troubling and challenging times.

A family or home in harmony is shown by laughter, joy, love and fulfillment. We might also want to argue that all these can only be imagined in a fairytale book or a Shakespeare movie but not in this present world we live in. Well, reality to everyone is different and peculiar but what we should indeed know is that a family in harmony is real and can be practicable.

We are living in a world today that so many uncertainty beclouds the family and events threaten the family life but if some measures are employed then we will definitely attain some degree of harmony in the  home. Some of the measures are as follows;

Loving the child unconditionally will raise his self esteem, self confidence and social security. When he always look to have somebody to talk to he gains on a daily basis the transfer of knowledge from the parent. Even when he is in trouble or he offends, he finds a heart to come to and plead. He regards his parents as comforters in times of distress, therefore he wouldn’t see any need in seeking secrets or unhealthy fellowship from negative influence.

Loving unconditionally means having a heart to forgive continuously and repeatedly but also parents should do this with a heart of correction.

Loving unconditionally also helps the child get through various stages of challenges in life and creating a talk mate with his parents.

The second point is trying to be a father and the mother to the children. This means more than just bearing the titles of ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’. For example, being a father means taking your child farther in life. Where fears and daunting challenge stare him in the face, he knows he has a father who guides and mentors him giving him the courage to face life.

It also means leading him spiritually and helping him connect to his inner man; discovers his sub-consciousness. This also means a mother should more than tell her child about estethics but to help her get away from scavengers and during those times when inferiority comes calling, and when self esteem and confidence is at its lowest ebbs looking sideways. When they the faces of their parents this sends a strong signal of strength.

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