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Friday, October 9

Protecting Your Children From Violent Acts At Home

The family should be regarded as the basic unit of life; it is supposed to be the foundation that a society is built upon. Therefore it is imperative that we put our home and family in the right perspective before daring to imagine a sane community.

Professors, business moguls, investors and enviable characters in the society today can be traced back to different families which exhibit various values and norms but one thing still makes them stand out amidst other people.

They are mirrors of the values, character and love they received through parenting. Likewise we do find people of low character engaging in highway robbery, drug-trafficking, terrorism and cultism also springing up from the same family system that former and enviable characters. The only noticeable difference is the lack of true value, belief system, character and love that these group of people has been starved of.

Lack of true value, character and love can be masked in total absence, inadequate or overdosed. It is however real that some children are naturally un-accepting, and a bit strong hearted but if well harnessed this can tend to become even a great asset in such a child’ life if shown adequate love and attention.

One of the major challenges in the life of children these days is the lack of parental guidance as-touching what they see and how they process it. Most visible of these are the violent scene they see in movies, they practice while in school coupled with the reality of these things they see at home via their parents’ troubling times.

Most of these children grow up not exhibiting this images and making these things they witnessed remain ‘dormant’ until they reach a matured stage in life.  At this stage they tend to reflect it towards weaker colleagues, and showing a rebellious attitude towards authorities that govern them.

This is when it actually turns out to become a problem of the whole society and rather pitiably of those who have taken time to take care of their wards. It becomes everyone’s problem when this ill-trained one’s start to influence the trained one’s and even do all sort of damage to the society and manifest violence at every giving chance.

Violence is a state of mind that perceives an intention to harm or kill, often accompanied with a compulsive feeling of satisfaction and justice thereafter but it is actually a state that could have been changed or modified if earlier detected. Hence there should be a commitment in place to rehabilitate such character in a child at an earlier stage.

Most aggressive of this trait is that which springs up from a child experiencing violence between parents at childhood, such child would definitely see this trait as the right way to live and any effort from outside to tell or train him otherwise would receive a fierce confrontation.

It is hereby advisable for parents to monitor what their wards or children watch, practice, and show interest in and also for parents to avoid raising voices and expressions of violence in dissatisfaction at home as a child doesn’t understand and cannot blend violence and affection together.

Our children are reflections of what our lives are and hence they are referred to as our ‘off-spring’ because they spring forth what truly our family character is.


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